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"The Sisters of Ladakh"

The Sisters of Ladakh is an inquiry into the feminine vision of Buddhism.

Filmed on location in Ladakh, on the Himalayan border between India and Tibet, this one hour documentary features stunning photography and compelling testimonies of Tibetan nuns. The Sisters of Ladakh documents their daily activities in an intimate and candid way, emcompassing both their religious practices and the interaction with local communities. The nuns also discuss the condition and role of women in Buddhism, the current efforts to overcome gender prejudices and the challenges that lie ahead to build a compassionate world both at the local and global levels. The documentary also features the recent teachings of the Dalai Lama in the region.

The Sisters of Ladakh is a unique look at a vanishing world, bringing to Western audiences a rare contemporary perspective from Buddhist nuns.

Format: DVCam, 52 min.
Producer/Director: Richard Wolf
Narrator: Stephen Whitehouse
Camera: Richard Wolf, Patricia Gomes
Local Producer: Dorje Pa
Distribution Contact: Third World Newsreel (www.twn.org)
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